Thyroid Gland

80% of the world population is affected by diseases of thyroid gland, malignanancies of this gland account for 3% of oncological diseases.  

Ultrasound examination of thyroid gland is distinguished by high sensitivity for detection of focal and diffusive lesions. Additionally ultrasound examination of thyroid gland does not require preliminary preparation; it is completely safe and painless for patients.


Ultrasound examination of thyroid gland offers an opportunity to estimate size and shape of the organ, reveal structural changes (goiter, cysts, cancer, adenoma), evaluate condition of adjacent lymph nodes that is essential in case of malignant cancer.

Additional information on diseases of thyroid gland is provided by Doppler imaging. The nature of blood supply for thyroid gland defines the functional condition of this organ. The result of Doppler imaging, against the background of pharmaceutical treatment, gives the possibility to estimate efficiency of therapy and select next step of the treatment.