Determination of cervical length

Measurement of cervical length by ultrasonound is indicated in pregnant women who at risk of preterm delivery. This screening-examination is performed at 17-24 weeks of pregnancy.

How is the examination performed?

Examination for determination of cervical length is performed by transvaginal approach.

What results are expected to be received from this examination?

At 16-20 weeks the length of uterine cervix should not measure less than 25mm. If the examination shows that the cervical length is less than 25 mm, consultations with your physician is required. Repeat examination may be performed again in several weeks.

Indication for conduction of this examination:

History of preterm deliveries.
History of preterm rupture of amniotic membranes.
History of surgeries and various procedures performed on uterine cervix.

How to prepare for the examination?

Before conduction of this examination urinary bladder should be empty.