Patency of Fallopian Tubes


Radiologic Procedure to Determine Patency of Fallopian Tubes

The cause of infertility

Damage, scarring or congenital malformations of fallopian tubes can be one the reasons responsible for female infertility. Hysterosalpingography is a radiologic procedure performed under ultrasound control to determine the patency of fallopian tubes.

Procedure time

This procedure is performed on 7-10th day of menstrual cycle. Before the procedure it is advisable to have pap test and STD testig done.

Before the procedure

Before the procedure urinary bladder must be empty. Initially internal genital organs (uterus, tubes and ovaries) are visuilized by transvaginal ultrasound. Afterwards small catheter is inserted into uterine cavity through cervical canal and contrast medium is entered through it. Using the contrast it is possible to better visuilize uterine cavity and its contours to exclude any intrauterine or developmental abnormlaitites (polyps, fibroids, uterine septum and etc). Movement of contrast into abdominal cavity is evaluated in real time and it helps to determine if fallopian tubes are blocked or patent. This procedure gives false positive results in 5-10% of cases (rare cases of spasm of fallopian tubes).